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Corporate Zumba Sessions

In India, a growing number of companies are now embracing Zumba as part of their corporate wellness programs as a part of their efforts to improve the health of their employees. Zumba classes are a convenient way for employees to remain productive and healthy during the workday.

We at Corporate Swastya have designed specific Zumba routines to fit the office work culture, we customize the dance steps and the choice of songs to ensure the best-possible experience for your employees.

 Our Zumba classes help employees to:

-De-stress and relax: The high-intensity nature of Zumba means that it is an excellent way to release tension and stress.

The endorphins released during a Zumba class will help to improve your mood and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Zumba In Office

-Increase energy levels: Zumba is a great way to boost your energy levels and stay productive throughout the day. The upbeat music and fun dance moves will help to increase your heart rate and get your blood flowing.

-Improve fitness levels: Regular Zumba classes will help to improve your overall fitness levels. The cardio workout will help to strengthen your heart and lungs, and the toning elements will help to tone your muscles. If you are looking for a way to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees, then Zumba classes are a great option.

​Boosting Employee Health, Reducing Stress, Creating a Healthy Working Environment, and Boosting Team Bonding can all be achieved through Zumba Sessions. The Zumba sessions in the office are ideal for companies with young employees

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Charges range from Rs 800 Per Session & Can reach up to 7,000 depending on the Trainer’s Experience & No Of Sessions to be Conducted in the Organization
At Corporate Swasthya, We Offer a Variety of Yoga Sessions. Based on Your Office Space & requirement, We can Suggest You Options like Desk Yoga Sessions, Chair Yoga, Traditional Yoga Or Power yoga.
Benefits of Doing Yoga in Office are as follows • Increase focus and concentration • Improve communication skills • Reduces stress and anxiety • Provide a mental break from the rigours of business as usual
All Our Trainer’s Are Certified from Reputed Institutions from Across India, Also all Our Trainer’s need to Have a Minimum Experience of 3 Years to be a Part Of our Team.
We At SS Corporate Wellness Offer more than 7 Variations of Yoga Including Desk Yoga, Chair Yoga, Traditional Yoga for Employees.

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