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Corporate Swasthya offers a 1 stop solution to all your employee engagement needs.

Our Employee Engagement experts who can help you create a custom program that will keep your employees motivated and engaged. Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your company. We have a wide range of engagement ideas and activities to choose from, so you can find the perfect program for your employees.

Desk Yoga Sesions

Desk Yoga Sesions ​Desk Yoga Sessions are a great way to reduce the harm caused to the body by sitting too long. It is ideal for employees who sit for long hours and have limited space. Desk yoga is a great way to keep the body active and healthy while working.

Dance Fitness Sessions

Dance fitness sessions are conducted on Bollywood party songs. The dance moves are designed in a way to Improve fitness & Burst stress. Dance fitness classes are a great way to break the monotony of the corporate work life. They can also help employees to connect with each other at a social level.

Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs Our Nutrition programs offer a variety of different tools to help people learn the basics about nutrition and how it relates to their daily lives. The best thing about these types of program is that they make it easy to start making healthy changes in your diet. We do this by educating you on what's important, helping you understand what steps you can take to make healthy choices, and giving you support along the way.

Sports Tournament

Organizing A Sports Tournament is A Great engagement Activity for Employees. Cricket Matches or Football or A Complete Sports Can Be organized For the Employees

​Self Defense Programs

​Self Defense Programs Self-defense is a way of protecting yourself from those who may want to harm you. Self-defense can be as simple as using your keys as a weapon or Your handbag or belt. Self defense isn't just for Women, Men can learn self-defense techniques, too. We Can offer Variety of programs based on Your Requirements

​Meditation Programs

Meditation program Helps Employees be more relaxed and calm during the work day, meditation programs helps to spread positive energy throughout the office. Employees who meditate are more productive largely due to increased mindfulness and focus on tasks

Outlife Team Building Organiser

Our Corporate Training include Design and Delivery of reality based hands-on experiential learning programs such as  Outbound Training, Leadership Development, Virtual Team Building, Behavioral Skills Training and Employee Engagement which are delivered on-site, off-site and online training modes.

Our Programs are designed based on over a decade of expertise in crafting, learning experiences that are based on Experiential Learning, Outdoor Education,  Learning Experience Design and Neuroscience of Learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Charges range from Rs 800 Per Session & Can reach up to 7,000 depending on the Trainer’s Experience & No Of Sessions to be Conducted in the Organization
At Corporate Swasthya, We Offer a Variety of Yoga Sessions. Based on Your Office Space & requirement, We can Suggest You Options like Desk Yoga Sessions, Chair Yoga, Traditional Yoga Or Power yoga.
Benefits of Doing Yoga in Office are as follows • Increase focus and concentration • Improve communication skills • Reduces stress and anxiety • Provide a mental break from the rigours of business as usual
All Our Trainer’s Are Certified from Reputed Institutions from Across India, Also all Our Trainer’s need to Have a Minimum Experience of 3 Years to be a Part Of our Team.
We At SS Corporate Wellness Offer more than 7 Variations of Yoga Including Desk Yoga, Chair Yoga, Traditional Yoga for Employees.

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