Corporate Yoga program

Corporate Yoga program -How to choose the best session for your office

In recent years, many corporate offices have begun to recognize the importance of implementing corporate yoga programs to elevate the overall health and wellbeing of their employees. Corporate yoga can provide numerous benefits to a company, such as increased productivity, decreased stress levels, improved morale, and a healthier work environment. It also helps creates a feeling of loyalty towards the organisation as the employees feel valued and respected in the organisation. Also, regular workout sessions releases endorphins and dopamine, these chemicals help regulate your mood and helps reduce stress wards of anxiety and Depression.

With the stressful job culture and lack of physical exercise and sedentary lifestyle it has become important for companies to focus on employee health as a result corporate yoga programs are becoming the go activity for companies looking to create a positive impact on its employees.

How many yoga classes should the company organize in a month?

The most asked question when an HR wants to conduct corporate yoga sessions is how many sessions are recommended to be held each month.

Before finalising the same, the company should asses the demand, the budget and the available resources to conduct these sessions.

If the company has a large employee base and is conducting basic yoga sessions the company can conduct more sessions in a month, but if the employee base is less or if the company want to conduct specialised sessions a limited no of sessions would be recommended.

At Corporate Swasthya, we recommend Hr’s to conduct between 2 – 4 sessions a week if the company has a large employee base and has the budget for the same. If not, the company should conduct minimum 2 sessions in a month to reap the benefits of Yoga Sessions.

Before starting Yoga Sessions it’s important to understand that in order to visibly see the benefits of office yoga would take time and require dedication and perseverance on the part of employees, the company and also the corporate wellness vendor.

Types of Office Yoga sessions: –

At corporate Swasthya we offer numerous types of yoga Sessions as part of our corporate yoga program, depending on the requirement, age group, space availability and budget clients can choose the best yoga type suitable for them.

Desk Yoga: –

The most popular form of corporate yoga is Desk yoga also known as chair yoga, this type of yoga is done by sitting on chair and or using the office desk as props while doing various asanas. It’s a beginner level yoga Sessions and can be done by everybody. It requires no additional space as it done on employee workstation itself.

Traditional Yoga: –

The Traditional yoga taught by the Instructors of Corporate Swasthya is unique and tailor made to suit the needs of Office employees. Like Hatha Yoga it benefits both the physical and mental health of the participants. The Traditional yoga Session can be customised for beginners or experienced participants. This type of yoga requires participants to lie down on the floor and as a result requires space, also the company would have to invest in purchasing yoga mats.

Yoga for Posture correction: –

As the name suggests in this yoga form various asanas are conducted for posture correction of the body, sitting for long hours can have adverse effects on body, improper posture can result in back and neck pains, if left unchecked it may result in spondylosis, frozen shoulder and other ailments. So, this type of yoga can help realign your body posture and maintain the posture. This session can be done in a limited space but for better benefits it should be done on the floor hence requiring a large space.

Yoga for concentration & focus: –

In todays fast paced world it’s easy to lose focus, also due to stress and anxiety employees are not able to concentrate on work resulting in delay and losses. This yoga session is designed by our experts to improve concentration and focus of the employees. These sessions include pranayama, breathing techniques and meditation sessions which helps improve the focus and concentration of the participants. This session does not necessarily require a large space and can be performed on desks as well.


Power Yoga: –

Power yoga focusses on the physical health of the participants, this type of yoga is fast paced and done in repetitions. It is ideal for employees who have a wellness target and are ready to actively commit for it. Power yoga sessions in office can be done by beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners. Power yoga session cannot be a one-time activity and would require multiple sessions for it to beneficial.

Yoga for women: –

As the name suggests the yoga session is designed specifically for the women employees of the organisation.  In this session asanas are conducted which target the groin, abdomen and chest. The asanas helping reduction in menstrual cramps and can help in the management of PCOD and PCOS. These sessions can be one time session or can be conducted bi-weekly or monthly.

Apart from the above mentioned various other yoga sessions are conducted by our expert trainers as part of our corporate yoga programs they are as follows,

  • Yoga for back pain
  • Bricks Yoga
  • Yoga for flexibility
  • Yoga for joints and motions
  • Wall yoga and many more

Our Corporate Yoga Programs are the perfect solution. Our office yoga sessions are designed to help your team relax, destress, and increase productivity. Our certified yoga instructors will create a class that meets the needs of your employees, whether they are beginners or advanced. With Corporate Swasthya you can give your team the opportunity to step away from their desk and reset their minds and bodies, resulting in improved focus and productivity.

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